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Webflow Tutorial Question

I watched the Webflow overview video and the tutorial videos, but I was wondering/hoping that there is more detailed documentation on each of the elements in Webflow. For example, a document/tutorial just on relative vs absolute positioning, or float-left vs float-right and when to use them. Maybe somebody is writing a book on all of this giving more detailed explanations? Some of the elements, especially styling, are still vague to me. I have been playing around with them, but they don’t always do what I expect them to do.

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I think that is more a CSS intrinsic thing. Going to you would find help with CSS and HTML and how it works. I use that site so much It is my go to.

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We have a post on the blog that intros the basics of the box model, and a pretty comprehensive guide to flexbox in our help center (plus lots of videos on using flexbox for layout). Hope those help!


Thanks everyone! I’ll try all of these.

Hey Kelly welcome to the community! We’re actually working on creating videos and documentation for every Webflow feature at this very moment, including all the different style properties. We think you’re going to love them! We’ll be releasing a handful of videos on our elements this month and style property-related videos early next month.

In the meantime definitely check out the flexbox resources John posted.


Awesome! I really like Webflow, I hope it continues to grow! One thing I always worry about with something as good as Webflow is that it doesn’t get used enough and then gets sold off and lost by another company. As a Webflow Staff member, does it look like Webflow will be around for a very long time?

Kelly, we’re just getting started! We’re not going anywhere. :smiley:


Excellent! I look forward to becoming a Webflow expert!

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