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The Barn Creative Clone

A networking friend of mine is the owner of the Barn Creative, a multimedia agency in my city and is quite a swell guy.

I find his website to be interesting, and his homepage seemed basic enough to attempt replication. Let me know what you think, give his actual site a look.

I am having issues with color correction for the BG video and how it’s sort of bleeding into the gradient for the homepage text, let me know what you think!


Nice copy! The thing i hate for their site is that they didn’t render their logo even close to retina and it looks awfully blurry.

Nice site and nice exercise.

To begin with, you already do better than your friends’ site, at large resolution :wink:


His: (starts to bug passed the 1920px width mark)

Could you tell me more about this? I’m not sure I understand what you mean… thanks!

Ok got it; select “home div” and give it a higher z-index. (like 10 or 100)

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Thank you very much for the info, I only just now began to understand what z-index is.

Z is the depth axis : ) HTML order can be counteracted with Z-index values.

For best results, give z-index values to elements that are siblings, at the same level. That’s a good tip.