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That would be great to eradicate graphical smileys from this forum, at least their auto generation

I like smileys a lot, I use them a lot, because I smile a lot in real life. But when I smile like this: (: i’m not at all making this face: :smile: This forum makes us look like a bunch of hippies owning the best weed on earth.

This bugs me a little for every post I’ve been publishing here. I tried to fight it, so I reverse my smileys, or use OS X to take over but then it bugs.

I write this only in the case everyone thinks the same :wink: And it’s in Lounge because no big of a deal.

Also I need to disclose that I have NOTHING against the best weed on earth…

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Not sure if we can force users to never use (: smileys but I can see where you’re coming from. Maybe a PM to the user that uses excessive smileys can help?

Oh actually I don’t care about what people do, it’s just for me (:

Oh haha I thought you were talking about others. Well then, I think you are your own worst critic in this scenario! :wink:

I don’t like emoticons at all here at forum and I try not to use them (the graphical ones). It is a habbit already for me to simply put smileys into code brackets like this: ;). Thanks to this simple trick I can leave my post without any happy faces running all over the place ;D

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I try to make OS X swap my smileys into unicode things but the Discourse fights it and erase it. Normally my smileys appear like this : ツ everywhere (and it’s one character on Twitter!). It’s not my only issue. In French we put a space before the “:” and as much as I try not to do it in english this is a difficult to fight habit. So anytime I do that, the smiley popup pops-up. I slowly get used to reverse them anyway (: I miss some smileys I used to use though. Going to ask Discourse to do like Slack, add a setting to deactivate smileys per user.