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About Spam Topics posted in the Forum

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell you, we are working to see what we can do about Forum spam… We don’t like it, and we are sure you do not either, so we are investigating what we need to do, to make our anti-spam measures more effective. Normally we try to catch the spam posts as quick as possible, but it still happens, some spammer login through legitimate means, and then create spam listing.

If you see some topics that are clearly spam, just flag it as spam. We will delete it.

I just wanted to say a few words about this, because the spammers have been getting more agressive lately. Anyhow, we are working to improve the anti-spam measures in the Forum, and just wanted to let you know that.

Cheers, Dave


I’ve been Flagin’ Like crazy :smile:
I HATE SPAMMERS! hope you get rid of this as soon as possible…

Hi, yes @Mordi_Levi, I noticed that you have been doing that… Thanks very much !!!

Cheers, Dave

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@cyberdave I have been concerned about it since at first time I saw it here but waiting for official responds from Webflow staff. Now I know what I should do if I see it :smile: