Can you do this with words? How?

I am looking to have some text scroll within a small box - infinitely. The idea is similar to the “breaking news” text that sometimes scrolls under news channels.
I am new here and do not yet know the terms I should use to describe this. Is it possible?

What terms and tools am I looking for please


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Yes, and you can use the CMS for the text. I’m guessing something like on our homepage hero. The inner element is allowed to overflow on the right, but wrapped in an element with no overflow. The outer element is flex with left align (the one not overflowing), the interaction moves the inner elements left 100% for however long you want. The inner element then resets the interaction that moved it 100% left to 0% in 0ms with no delay and loops. So it’s just moving the text left slowly, then goes back to 0% in 0 seconds and loops, you just don’t see the jump to 0%. The trick is to stick the contents, i.e. text in twice, that way, you don’t see the end as it approaches 100% since what you’re moving left has 2 copies moving left.

Yes your “banner” if I may call it that, is exactly what I mean. I think I remember that name for these things? $0 years since I coded. :wink: Your site is impressive I must say. You explanation is clear but above my pay grade at the mo, so I shall be saving this post.
My level “informed beginner”. That is I could once code in HTML and Java Script, but now I am playing whacko mole with Webflow buttons. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There is no Webflow button for this.

Adding to J8kes recommendations, if you data is coming from the CMS, e.g. 1000 new items, look at using Finsweet Load More with the infinite scroll setting.

If your data is external, e.g. RSS feeds, you might look at HTMX, which has some of this capability built in.

Nah @ZeroZero1 give it a go, a made a simple cloneable of the ticker in our hero section, naturally you don’t have to use the CMS, but I have it in our one. You just need to see the interaction which is very simple. The CMS Ticker Tape Cloneable is here.

Thank you but I am getting Page not Found.

Yeah sorry, here it is again: