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Recreate Scrolling Text Using Interactions


I’m working on remaking an existing site using Webflow and I need some help if possible.

Existing site: (originally made with Adobe Muse)

Webflow site:

I’m pretty happy with everything so far but I’m stuck on one part in particular. The existing site has some scrolling text at the top and I’m wondering if it’s possible to recreate this using Interactions. I had a go ( but can’t get it to loop or move without easing. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I could recreate this?

Thanks a lot!

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Very nice site.

And you have a Marquee! (scrolling text). Which should be piece of cake to do in Webflow with an interaction.

Set a div with overflow:hidden, put a text in it, start an interaction, make the text be outside of the div to begin with, then make it move to the left for 20000 ms or so, check the “loop” checkbox, and see from there if it works. In one way or another, it’s going to work.

Now I HAVE to say it: If you put text in a marquee, it’s because you don’t want people to read it :smiley:

Marquees have been declared illegal in numerous countries in 1998 (ok that last one was a lie)

Awesome, thank you. I’ll give that a go.

Ha, I know marquees are not the most usable thing, but maybe they’re due a revival! :smiley:

Well if you use a marquee on your site, I’ll put a cursor trail made of snowflakes on mine! Who’s laughing now? :wink:

This is where I got to.

I’m having trouble getting it to loop though. Loop is checked but it’s not doing anything. Do I need a second action to reset it somehow? I’ve included a public link if it helps.

Yes I think there is no reset. And the values are always absolute. For example, if you want an element to translate 100px to the right in two steps, you can’t set “move 50px” then “Move 50px” because it’s already at 50px. So you’ll need to say move 50 then move 100.

On your case, you say move there, then loop, which says “move there again” to your object, but it’s already there and will keep its position until the page is reloaded or until it’s given some other orders. So you need to tell him to go back at some point. Try making this order so quick we can’t see it move, like 1ms, or also tell him to opacity:0 while getting back (don’t forget to set opa back to 100).

I think I got it working. Thanks very much for your help.


It’s all live now btw.


The site is great, the works showcased neat!

(Although you really wonder where the link is on the contact page.)