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Text leaves div box when i add reference elements from the collection

So here’s the thing weblflow has been acting pretty funky with me ever since I started my project but I figured I made it so far there’s no turning back.

When I share my link you’ll see that divs are out of whack (out of position) and everything in my viewport looks off (it looks fine in preview and as a published site.)

With that said I’m really starting to get annoyed in terms of adding certain elements from collection List. Particularly because whenever I add them they completely disappear from their container and go off to the top left corner.

Does anyone understand or know why this is happening?
If anyone can give me any insight as to why this is happening I’d be really grateful?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Hey! Did you ever figure this out? Unfortunate you didn’t get any help. I am having the same exact problem now. All is good until I link it to a CMS item and then it goes to the top left corner…so frustrating!

I also had the same issue with me for 3 months and I was not able to find out the solutions so I change my theme to get rid of this issue.

Originally, I Manually added and linked items that i needed to the product pages of the CMS. Which meant adding Buttons manually as well.

My my ultimate solve and recommendation is just to migrate your site to squarespace. They have improved so much of their page development tools and it’s super simple and you don’t run into problems like these

Issues with square space are:

There is no phone support.
Pricing is more expensive with Squarespace.
There is an overall lack of advanced marketing tools.
There is no support for third-party apps, plugins, or extensions.
Editing and adding content can sometimes be difficult.

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