CMS items randomly disappearing in editor?

So, often when working on the style of the page, after I switch between some elements, the collection item will suddenly say it’s empty. Mind you, this is not the empty state, just a display stating that the collection is empty. If I navigate to another page and back it works again but this is really breaking my flow.

Anyone experience this?

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This happens to me as well. Every time the CMS items disappear I have to reload the designer, which occurs so frequently that it’s very frustrating.

Anyone else? This is getting really annoying.

This has happened to me a few times. Did you submit a bug report?

Came back here because once again I’m frustrated beyond reason. I’m trying to work on a post and it keeps refreshing by itself, the elements disappear, “saved” progress goes away etc.
At this point, can I even ask for a whole refund for everything including my time wasted setting up my website?
I submitted multiple issues and they keep peddling the “oh, my, we’ve never heard about this issue before, have you tried turning it off and on again?” bs answer, even though lots of people are complaining everywhere and the same crap happens to both me and my wife on different computers. Heck I even tried applying for a job to fix some of the issues myself but they don’t like working with people in Europe according to their reply

Does anyone have any experience with some sort of alternative to webflow? The bar can only be lowered so much.

All depends on your requirements; no-code, low-code, or can-code. Sitejet is a plesk company based in Germany so GDPR compliant and has some nice features. When using WordPress I am happy with Bricks Builder. If building custom sites Processwire rocks, so does Statamic. There are lots of headless tools these days. Really lots of options for developers. Less for non-coders.

I know how to code. I just chose webflow because it was advertised as a no code solution since I didn’t want to spend that much time actually writing it. Web development is really slow esp with my background in C++, C# and generally game development but at this point… I’m not even sure what to say anymore.

The really bad thing is that all these issues only started appearing after I paid for a subscription, and published on a dedicated domain. As I said, I kept trying to reach support but it has been a horrible experience with them. I basically feel like I’ve been scammed.

Anyway, I’ll look into the other options although I think I’ll just end up writing my own from scratch. Thanks for your suggestions.

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