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Text/Font Size Resizer


I’ve had a look on the web, particularly Code Canyon etc, and was wondering if anyone could help in implementing the ‘traditional’ text/font size resizer into a Webflow site.

Any help would be great!

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Hi @domin8tor, are you referring to something like this:

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Hi @thewonglv, thanks for getting back to me - greatly appreciated.

That is a great plugin, and whilst fluid text size is a great thing, the option for the user to change the text (particularly paragraph text) to suit an individuals specific need (i.e. some larger than others) is a more appropriate solution if there is anything out there that could be implemented with Webflow in a somewhat simple fashion (I’m not completely useless!)

Here is an possible example of something for Wordpress

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Ahh, I see now! thanks for clarifying. Not entirely sure how you would do that, but if you have some coding savvy you may be able to add it using custom code. ( Maybe even reach out to some Webflow experts in the freelance category and see if anyone is willing to help out (

That’s okay - thanks again for your help. Would be great if there is any option out there regarding it as an accessibility option! I’ll have to dedicate some time to do it through custom code.

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Hi Dominic, just curious because I haven’t seen that used before (except built in to the safari reader view). If desktop browsers have the built-in ability to zoom content ( command + or - ) why would enlarging text independently of the layout be necessary? Is there an advantage, or is this for better legibility on mobile devices?

Hi @vlogic, sorry for the wait.

Just in doing some research, while I understand it isn’t as important these days to implement such a thing, there are arguments specifically if your target group includes individuals with a disability. Older people or individuals with a disability might not know how to zoom content, or may only want to zoom the text and not the rest of the website.

May very well be an advantage for mobile devices as well - but not something I’d thought of to date so thanks! I’m only very new to it all, so still learning, but have an interest in accessibility so any thought, feedback or discussion is always great - thanks again!

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