Enlarge the code editor type?

Is there a way to enlarge the text in the code editor? It’s so small, my eyes are too lamo to see this small type!
I played a bit with the CSS but thought I’d asked here.

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An alternate option would be to use copy and paste from a real code editor app like atom, vs code, sublime, brackets or your favorite I did not list.

Yes I doing some copy and paste from Sublime. But even then I need to be able to see the code text.
Being able to tell the difference between a comma and a period in the Webflow editor is tricky.

, . ,.

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Just add some custom code (CSS) to your site settings -> before body.

.bem-TokenInput {font-size:14px;}

I believe that will do the trick.

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Just add some custom code (CSS) to your site settings -> before body.

.bem-TokenInput {font-size:14px;}

Hi Webdev

I tried this code in the header tag and inside the body tag. I tried on the project setting and on a page settings level.

< style >

.bem-TokenInput {

font-size:14px !important;


</ style >

But the font size for .bem-TokenInput still comes from this CSS file:


thanks for all!!

One more issue. No way to wrap code (hard to read long lines)

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@Luke_Dohner - Not sure what I was thinking. Trying to override with an embed is not going to work for that. Only other workaround would be to manipulate the value with javascript in the console, which Is not really a good idea.

Why not use assistive tech to zoom? (not the same as zooming in browser)



Hi webdev,
Yes the Mac Accessibility features are good for this, this is what I’ll do in a pinch. Also using Sublime and the Utopian dream that there will be a WebFlow solution someday.
Is there a wish list for new features?
All the best!

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Yes there is -> https://wishlist.webflow.com