Text does not get on the next line in dropdown

I’ve got a FAQ in a Dropdown. But on smaller screensizes the text does not get on the next line. How can i fix this?

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/eettastoe?preview=b75fc96f2cb37066fd50f705adea0516

Thanks for watching already Brian… You can find it here:

  • Page name: Veel gestelde vragen
  • Than go to the FAQ-dropdown.

Thanks in advance

Yeah. Go to the pages and click on page ‘veel gestelde vragen’ there you’ll find the FAQ. Then click on the line or box to edit the inline text. Hope you find it now?

I know why it is happening but I can’t seem to find the setting inside webflow editor. This class “.w-dropdown-toggle” has style of white-space: nowrap; If you remove that then it works.

Thanks @philipboomy for the look. Hopefully someone from @webflow has the answer to edit this in the Webflow editor or with custom code.

Hi @itbrian40 First of all sorry for the late reply. Bg thanks that you took the effort to take a look and record what you did. That looks like a nice solution but the problem is that the FAQ is dynamic. Which means that every amount of text has to fit on the place. With your solution you make it nice for this sentence but how will it look when the text is longer.

It would be great if @webflow removes the style white-space: no wrap .

You didn’t wasted my time. I’m very glad that you helped me. It’s just not the right solution for my problem.

This is so strange.

I have a feeling it something innherred in the dropdown Element. I would just make it from scratch with a normal div and interactions :slight_smile:

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