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Text overflowing out of the dropdown

Hi all,

I’m having issues keeping the text within the text box. Can someone help?



Hi @EquiemPlatform

Can you share your preview link so we can see the settings and help out?


Hi Stu,

Here’s the link:

The page it’s under “Documentation”

Thanks in advance!

Hi @EquiemPlatform

This might seem too simple a solution, but click enter to start a new line where your text starts getting too long…

Any good?


Hi @EquiemPlatform

Add this to your custom code inside style tags:

.text-block.faqquestion {
white-space: normal;

Publish the site and check if it’s working.
Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @EquiemPlatform

I see that the text you’re referring to is the dropdown button text. The dropdown is a built-in component that was not really designed for long text strings. So, long text in dropdowns will always overflow out of the element and the page.

You may need to use interactions to build that section. You can see an example here:

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