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Question text of FAQ harmonica doesn't wrap ..?

Hi guys

I have made an harmonica style FAQ page (in Dutch= Veelgestelde vragen) for my site. But the question text doesn’t wrap it just get’s cut off and the part that doesn’t fit the one line disappears when the screen size is made smaller. I want it to be responsive and wrap to another- or multiple lines. It works perfectly for the answers but I can’t get it right for the Question?

I’ve use the instructions to make the harmonica from the movie on the Webflow Academie pages:
Create a Custom Accordion

Can anybody please tell me how I can solve this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -
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Hi @Tazlock@ :wave:

I found a workaround to your question Text block not wrapping in the Accordion toggle.

  1. With your Text block selected, set the Breaking to Normal. By default, it should already be Normal, but select it again so the Breaking has a blue label as pictured below.

  2. With your Accordion toggle selected, set the height to auto, so it doesn’t cut off your question.

I recommend using the same class for your questions, so you don’t have to make style changes to each question. :smiley:

Let us know if that works and if you have any other questions on this!

Hey @Stacy thanks for your help…
But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to help.
Almost there though …

When I set the Accordion toggle to auto no breaking appears. And the question is not centered anymore in the closed state. When I set it back to 40 px the line breaking works normaly. But as you already said the questions don’t fit the area anymore and get’s cut off again. When I set it to a bigger number it also seems to go wrong because It won’t fit the White field I used as a wrapper …

Have you got any more ideas that could help?