Text does not flow correctly


I have two text blocks. They have the same class of “section header”. One does flow correctly when sizing the browser. The other stays on one line and doesn’t react to browser width.

When selecting text and retyping it, the one that flows breaks down as well.

Here is a screen cast… http://quick.as/DZ5LuJvo

Here is a public link




I am doing a new project and I have the same issue here. Once I created header text (e.h. H1) and input a line of text two things can happen. Text will flow normally to a second line if the browser sizes down. Or, text will stay on one line.

Can anyone explain this behaviour? Am I overlooking something here?

Here is a screencast of what happens… http://quick.as/DZ5LuJvo


Hey @MartinB, it looks like somehow your spaces were converted into non-breaking spaces (NBSP elements). If you turn on annotations in the text editor, you’ll see gray areas between the words. Converting them to normal spaces seems to solve the issue for me, but I’m trying to figure out how those   elements got there in the first place.

Hi callmevlad,

I see what you mean.

How would you normally ‘force’ spaces to behave as NBSP elements?

Is there a way to delete those NBSP elements from with the Webflow Designer?

The weird thing is that at first a header does behave normally. Once I retype it starts to insert those NBSP elements. I work in Chrome latest version, no extensions active on an iMac.


Just ran into this using Chrome typing a headline. Every time I hit space a a nbsp was entered and you can’t delete it. If I switch over to Safari everything works as expected and you can delete the nbsp.

Hey @chrismackintosh - we’re tracking that issue here: Non-breaking spaces on Text, Paragraph or Header elements - Bugs - Forum | Webflow - will have a fix soon!

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