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Text not responding to container boudaries


I keep having this issue with text. See forum post Text does not flow correctly

Somehow these NBSP elements get inserted into text causing text not to respond to container width, hence staying on one line, while nomally container boundaries would force text to flow to a second line.

I am not copying text from another source. Just typing it into Webflow.

I run the latest version of Chrome without any extensions on an iMac. I have no weird keyboard stuff installed or anything.


Hey @MartinB, this sounds strange. Can you share an example with us to help track it down?

cc @callmevlad


I have it now with the header text. Scale down the browser and you will see that the words “your pension” will stay on one line. If you check the html you’ll see &nbsp inserted in between words.

Here’s the project;


Looks like this happens when you hold down the shift key while pressing space. For now, try using space without holding shift.

We’ll look into a fix. Thanks for the report!

Thanks a lot danro! That makes sense.