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Text "disappearing" when screen size is reduced

Probably something simple that I’m missing, but as I resize my browser window, text is disappearing from the screen (dropping below). Is this a common issue when the screen is between device setting (desktop to tablet, etc.)? I’ve attached screen captures to show what’s happening. If there is a fix, I hope someone can let me know.

Thanks in advance

This is logical, your container is 450px height and wont expand… but if you shrink the view, there is less and less room for the text. So your design, at the moment, does what it is told to do…

Does it make any sense to you?

You can solve this by setting a right padding by ca. 20% and set the paragraph min width to ca. 425px and max width ca. 550 px. Then if the screen size is getting lower then the text will fill up more of the div witch also will look more natuaral. The max width will ensure that it would look good on the higher resolution screens.

vincent: I understand what you’re saying. Didn’t realize setting a max height would cause the problems I’m experiencing.

Perkristian: Thanks for the solution.

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