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Misplaced texts on a laptop

I’ve just began to use webflow to design our company website and when I open the web on my laptop some texts are misplaced. Please find attached the screenshots from my Computer (iMac) that are ok and from my laptop.
Why is this happening?
I’m using columns to place the texts with some padding for the text below.


Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Sure! Here it is:

Ok the good news is: your site does what it is told to (:

The frog section is set to be 55% of the height of the current browser. The browser can be higher on your iMac than on the laptop.

If i reduce the browser height:

You can set a height in pixels (px) or add a min-height in pixels

OK Vincent
I’ll do it so!
Thank you very much!

But checking regularly on a laptop is the best thing to do with Webflow. Because you often end up with gorgeous big sections that don’t really visually work, even if there’s no bug, on laptops, with 800px screen height… and I believe our weblow sites are visited a lot by people on laptops (: