Image alignment in Rich Text Editor

Does anyone have any idea how to manage the alignment of images in the Rich Text Editor? The option to float in the WYSIWYG leaves the step effect. Any thoughts on managing this?

Can you describe this more please, and I’ll help you on this.

And do you mind sharing your site’s read-only link please?

1 - On your site’s dashboard, click the Share icon:

2 - Generate and Copy the link:

3 - Then edit your post here, and paste the link inside.

align VS float - are Difference CSS properties

This is Rich Text Editor - What you trying to get is “mission” for layout for rows (grid) -or- by float and next p : clear:both:

This is your solution - i never try this trick inside a rich-text editor - but this is your starting point (With custom CSS its easy to solve this of course).

The problem is I can’t add custom classes in the webflow collection editor. And I wouldn’t want to add custom code for all p paragraphs on the page. I found solution, but I think it’s stupid. If add empty png image after each paragraph everything will look right.