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Testing solutions

This is a general question. What mobile testing solutions do you use that are accurate. Lately I am having a heck of a time with IOS issues. I designed a bakery site and my client kept telling me that is wasn’t working on her phone properly an iphone 6. Now she has checked my site at and she is finding something that is looking bizarre there as well. The problem is I haven’t found anything to test for ios efficiently. Everything i check on it looks fine.

Is there a code to add for ios, so it plays nicer with webflow or what do you use for testing??

thank you

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Have you tried BrowserStack? For the newer devices it seems to work well.

Are you on a Mac? Apple’s Xcode is free and includes Simulator, which is a critical part of our testing process. :+1:

Thanks for the assist. I am using PC. I am debating subscribing to something like browser stack. I actually tested on mobileme. and at 9.99 / month it doesn’t seem like a bad deal. It is an emulator not just a simulator. I use chrome inspect for a basic look. But it is definitely important to see the bugs that come up with software or ios not just break points. IT was very frustrating though to not be able to see what my client was seeing on their device. I’m learning some best practices though. Such as always giving a VW and not just going with auto. for sections. Thanks again.


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