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Testing for mobile devices

Hello everyone!

I’m getting ready to launch my first Webflow site and I’m hopeful that y’all can help. I’ve migrated from Adobe Muse, to Without Code (same UI as Duda) and eventually here. I’m frustrated to learn that there’s no obvious way to test and live preview sites on tablets and smartphones prior to launch. That shocks me given that the aforementioned inferior platforms do have that option. Being able to hold your device and scroll, testing margins, etc is an invaluable tool for UX.

Please tell me I’m missing something. I’M IN LOVE WITH WEBFLOW so I hope you guys can help.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Two_Wolves_Creative not sure what you mean that – of course you can test live preview… you have to click the button and you can preview the and test your UI Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 20.10.52
if you want to test different breakpoints use number keys 1-4 goes from Destop to Tablet to Landscape Phone to Portrait Phone

If you need more specific testing, publish your site to to the site and inspect in different device screen sizes using inspect mode in Chrome…

so not sure what you are talking about!

I’m aware of the preview feature. To be clear, I’m looking for a way to test on mobile devices. Every other design platform had this option available. I’d like to see the site on devices prior to publishing. In my experience, seeing it outside of the UI and live on the device screen is incredibly helpful. The idea of launching a site without testing first seems absurd.

if you want to test on physical device - publish and then open the link on mobile… or chrome has responsive preview in the inspect panel… what other preview would you need?

also - when you say that this feature is available on other platform can you explain to me how does it work there - I can’t imagine it being any different than whats available here - perhaps you can provide a link to their site where they showcase the feature you mean?

This is fascinating. At no point, not any point in time, did I run across anything that indicated I could publish for testing without purchasing a hosting plan. THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION. I’m a bizarre combination of totally irritated and completely ENTHRALLED. So, please, accept my sincere gratitude and humble apology.

I’ll eat the embarrassment and hope the information helps someone else too. Thank you so much.

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no worries - you can publish to webflow domain for free - and its always needed if you are testing custom JS code (since it doesn’t work in preview mode).

Also it says that you can publish to with a free plan :slight_smile:

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