Template paying with CMS empty. How to Edit Template Text pls?

Hello everybody,
I bought a template from the template catalogue. I understand from reading the forum that to modify the text you have to go to the CMS tab (just above the shopping cart). Except that in the template I paid for the CMS is empty! There is nothing in it. Is this normal?

Thank you for your help.

In the Webflow designer, text content can come from three places;

  1. The element itself, e.g. a rich text element that you’ve typed an Welcome message
  2. The CMS, e.g. blog content.
  3. For e-commerce sites, your Products catalog

I’m going to guess that you are looking at something e-commerce related, probably a Product or Category item. Click on the shopping cart to find those items.

If you’re still stuck, you can share your site for us to see.

Thanks for your help.

I’m a surprised that the CMS doesn’t contain any text elements, just the pictures.

I would like to add some clarifications: the activation of the Google translation blocks any text modification on the template. I just saw it. Of course in the original version, no problem.
I think I can import my content directly from an external source, without creating a catalog in the CMS, right? All elements could, for example, be stored elsewhere. Is it right?

This is a One page template, no physical product (just a landing page).

Of course the Webflow CMS can store text, and richtext. That’s its core purpose. It totally depends on how you design your collections, or how your template designer has set them up.

Ah yes, that’s interesting- browser plugins that change your content can also affect the designer. That includes Ad blockers. Disable them for your designer view.

Not natively. You can do some client-side scripting with AJAX to accomplish that, if your external source is setup for it. Or you can export your site and write your own internals… both are programming-intensive. The CMS is by far the easiest approach for 99% of sites.

Again, it’s just guesswork without being able to see your site. Make sure to share your readonly designer link if you want help with your setup.