Seeking Community Feedback on a Rejected Webflow Template

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. Recently, I received an email from the Webflow team informing me that my submitted template has been rejected. Unfortunately, they did not provide a specific reason for the rejection, leaving me uncertain about the areas that need improvement. This is their feedback: “we wanted to let you know that, even though your application hasn’t still been approved at this time, we hope that you consider sending a new application, with new work-samples and we’ll be happy to review it”.

I am reaching out to this wonderful community to seek your valuable feedback on my template. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to review my project and provide suggestions for enhancement.
This template can be considered as a complete website that can assist businesses in quickly building a landing page.
You can review it at:
or at read only link

Best regard,
David Nguyen

Hey there! I know it’s quite late. You must’ve gotten approval by now!

But to test myself to do a template QA. Here are some major issues I’ve found:

  1. All the tags (h1-h6, p) etc must be styled that matches the template. But the template doesn’t seem to have different style for the global tags
  2. I see a lot of auto generated classes (eg. heading h2, h3 etc) which is not ideal as the requirements suggest the class name has to be logical & flawless
  3. H1 should be use as the main hero title of the site. But the template contains h1 in almost every section in a lot of different ways!
  4. Elements like Paragraph, slider item containing class named “Heading h3” again an issue in the class naming

Thanks a lot @Rukaiya