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Template name appears as site name

Hi folks,

Please help me.

I bought a template that is still showing the template name, despite the fact that I have relabelled the site and each page. I have a client meeting this evening and I’m new to Webflow.

Pretty please shine your light on this for me?

Thanks all x


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello Jacqui,

Can you provide a read-only link?


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Hi Kimmy, thanks for your quick reply! Please ignore the awful code. This template has been very tricky to work with and of course I’m a noob.

Oh wow, that’s weird. What’s even weirder is that it only happens in the home page.

My advice is maybe try sending a bug ticket through the designer, it might be a cache bug.


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You are a star - thank you so much x

Have a magical weekend and I wish you all the best!

Hi @JaxFrost (and welcome to the Webflow forums)

For sure this is unexpected. I’ll reach out to the template team to see if this i known, and if there is a workaround for you. I don’t think it’s related to cache as I loaded your domain, and I see the same issue.

Will post back here with any news.

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Ah Mark you are a star - thank you so much for looking into this x

Just to double check, could you edit the title from the settings page and Republish your site please, and then check in an incognito page.

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Cool so I changed the name and viewed it in Incognito and - presto! It’s working.

Great suggestion Mark!

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