How to create unique title tags for each individual blog page in CMS?


I created a CMS blog website based off of a template, although mostly all of the styling has been customized/changed. I am running into an issue where the individual blog pages display the template name in the title tag (i.e. the title within the browser tab, not the URL), and I am having difficulty figuring out how to adjust this so that “Prime Blog” (which is the template name) is removed from each instance. Could someone help?

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 4.52.21 PM

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In your screenshot you have a static page selected, and you set the title in the Title Tag field you see there.

In collection pages in the section below that, you have the same ability except that you can also embed fields from your collection, like a blog post title, or a staff member’s name.

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Okay, got it! Thank you for the help!

I think Webflow can do a better job with this, but you can do into the Editor mode, select pages, and scroll down to your pages and hit ‘settings’… and give your posts meta there. I don’t think there’s another way to do it for individual blog pages this easily.