Template Marketplace June Update?

I noticed an update on the dashboard about the new template marketplace, and there was going to be a sale from June 2nd to 3rd or 4th.
I saw this on Sunday 5/31 I believe it was.

Today, that update is gone or removed.
Any word on this? As I was waiting until TODAY to purchase some themes at the discounted rate!

I’m in the same boat. I know I saw it on the update post, but it seems to have been removed. It’s a shame, because I was planning to buy a couple of templates once the sale started.

Ok wasn’t just me making this up!

I hope they just took it down temporarily and will be back up.

I don’t like when companies do that sort of thing without explanation.

@Bradpaulp it looks like their sale is finally live, but it ends tomorrow!

where do you see it / what’s the coupon code ???

Code is “SUMMERSALE2020” for the 50% Summer Sale!