50% Off Template Sale?

Am I completely crazy or did I see somewhere that Webflow is having a 50% off sale on templates today? Not seeing how to get it if it is indeed true. Maybe I just dream of all things Webflow in my sleep.

Hey Douglas,

no, you’re not going crazy!

There was a notification about the updated Template page and it did make reference to a 50% sale…we can see the Template page has been updated, but it appears the Update Notification has been removed??

Not sure why hopefully more information will come from the powers that be.

Another post similar:

Dang, I was also planning on scooping up some templates today—after apparently wasting my time reviewing yesterday. :disappointed:

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Thanks, glad to hear that it wasn’t just in my head. Well I hope they honor the sale, I was going to get a few!

Hey Tim,

yeah, I think there are quite a few in the same boat!

Perhaps @Brando might be able to provide some insight?

Same here. I spent a bit of time poring over the templates in anticipation of the sale - but was sorely disappointed. Hoping for an update from @Brando

Their template sale is now live. You only have through tomorrow though, so get them while you can!

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