Search option or "Link" to template section from Dashboard


It has been a while since my last visit and so many exciting new features have been added it will take me a long while to catch up on all my reading.

One thing that I have found a little strange since I have been a member is the inability to click from my Dashboard to the “Templates” page to allow for a quick search for a purchase option. Am I right about this or is there a quick way to go directly from my Dashboard to checkout and purchase a Template? Is it possible to get a “search” box on the Dashboard - or am I mistaken about that as well.

I have been away for several months which puts me back in a new-bee mode again so forgive and please tolerate my novice questions.

Also, I would appreciate any suggestions on which exciting and useful tips or tutorials I should catch up on first as my head is spinning on how much I have missed and where to start?

Thanks and a Very Happy Peace and Miracle Filled New Year to All!

Okay… I apologize, I answered my question myself. I didn’t realize that I could go to the add website and connect and purchase a template. I have purchased three but have always gone full circle from the Webflow home page… Oh Silly me.

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