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Taxes in Sweden

I run into some problems and can’t find a solution

  1. Where can i change/translate the tex for taxes. says “Country Taxes”
  2. In Sweden we have different taxes depending an what it is. In my case is a resturant that uses 12% but normal tax is 25%.

Have tried to use the option “Food prepared” byt no Luck.

This is a major problem that need to be solved

I finaly took the step build a Webflow eCom instead of Shopify and running in to this when the client have paid for the hosting (since i can’t test everything without hosting) is not fun

@kkilat @brjohnson @Waldo

To be honest I’m not sure the inconsistent taxes calculations is something that was ever fixed. One of the reasons I don’t think ecom is ready for me personally at this point.

But I would be glad to be proven wrong!

No its not. I will write a white paper about this site/app i built. I have waited for a long time beefore taking on a Webflow eCommerce project. It’s almost there, its a few tiny things that could make the eCom so much better

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Hey there,

I just bought an e-commerce-template for a hotel business in Sweden. Am I wasting my time by designing this for my hotel? Can I even make the proper setup so it will work for a Swedish business?