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Targeting nested classes in Interactions

It would be great if the interactions class fields (both the existing “Affect different element(s)” field and any future hypothetical ones that would let you assign a class as an interaction event per Interaction options roadmap) would accept the same complex selectors that you can assign to an object outside of interactions.

For example, if I’m styling an object outside of an interaction, I can specify something like:

… but if I’m trying to add that complex selector in the Affect different elements(s) field, it doesn’t recognize that “top” is a nested selector under “live-row” that should be available.

Maybe I’m being a bit sloppy with my selector naming and there’s a best practice for that which would make this a non-issue, but it seems like something I’d expect since the Current Selector field recognizes existing subclasses and will offer them and auto-fill them.


I’ve actually just come across this problem and was looking to solve for it. Anyone out there have a proper way of approaching this (besides unique class names)? Could there maybe be a way to rename the nested class to a new non-nested class in the style editor? Or just target the nested class name?

Yeah that’s currently a limitation in the selector widget in Interactions panel. When we find some spare time we’ll try to make these compound selectors possible.

@thesergie, is there anyway we could simply target an ID instead of classes?

I think that one’s in the queue: Support for ID selectors when using Webflow interactions