Tailoring content for different membership levels

I’m interested in learning how to create a membership site that offers different levels of content based on the membership type. Here are the specific requirements:

  • Free members should have access to limited content.
  • Silver members should be able to view more content than free members.
  • Gold members should have access to all content.

I’m aware that this functionality can be achieved using Memberstack and attributes. However, my concern is that although the content can be visually hidden, it remains visible in the code. To address this, I would prefer to utilize Webflow server-side rendering.

Unfortunately, it appears that Webflow only supports server-side rendering for “logged-in” users and does not provide granularity based on subscription levels. While it is possible to apply this differentiation on a page or folder level, I require the ability to implement it within specific page elements.

I kindly request assistance and guidance in this matter.