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Tabs widget not working in mobile portrait mode

I am using the tabs widget and find they are working in all modes except mobile portrait.

I thought that the coding may have become corrupted so I threw in a new set of test tabs, which are still not working properly.

I also cannot select any elements for editing using the GUI interface in mobile portrait mode. I have to go into the Navigator and choose the element there. When I click on the GUI interface it always returns to Navbar.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @ringer45,

Definitely a great question. I was confused also when trying to get the tabs to work.

I noticed that the Navbar element covers the tabs at a point within the window.

You can see what I noticed in the following video:

Restructuring the height of the absolutely positioned navbar will fix the issue.

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Best regards,

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Thanks for your help. I wasn’t sure what your comments meant but I went into
the Navbar styles and clicked on the bottom distance, which was zero, and it
changed to 811. I don’t know why but it solved all the problems.


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Awesome! I’m glad you’re rolling :wink:

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