TABS (Copy/Past Processes)

The web video tutorial on TAB widgets glosses over how the instructor “copy and pasted” a click automation “process” from one tab across to the rest of the tabs. Can’t seem to find this TIP anywhere onthe site or forums. ???

Can you point the URL of the video and the timestamp in the video please?

Webflow 101 crash course | Webflow University. 00:6:30 is the copy paste process.
And, by the way, after this point are also a lot of undescribed “leaps” regarding interaction set-ups. I find myself needing ro reverse engineer a lot of what the instructor already created and simply “clicked” to add during the tutorial (00:7:40).
Seems one has to first CREATE these Move Up and Move Down, Point of Origin instructions, but I’m having a helluva time creating those, as described.

TABS would seem like a pretty popular/important feature in Webflow. Maybe you can point ME, to something that better describes this more sophisticated level of animation? Can I PAY someone help me accelarate my learning curve?


Ok thanks for the details.

  1. At 6:30, he’s using the magic of… video editing. He basically did everything 4 times but he accelerated time for the last three, with no audio. The “live stream” starts again just after. (sorry)

  2. After 7:40 he is reviewing what he already did. So yes, all the steps, you have to create them by yourself, one by one, and test along the way. A simple, fine tuned interaction can take time. And the UI messes up a bit with your brain, because the levels aren’t so clear. You’ll get used to it and they’ll improve the UI.

Tabs is easy to create i webflow, you don’t need interactions. You need interactions only for the animations and special effects.

You can pass a specific message in the forum asking for someone to give you private lessons.

You’ve seen this page too right?

Yeah…wasn’t too helpful. Agree the UI is far from intuitive at this level. Kind of a bummer as I wanted att least SOME animation… like the bounce. I’ll see if anyone can give me some tutoring. thanks!

I regret not being able to help you more or to make you realize that it’s far from very hard or impossible. You can achieve it, and once an interaction is set, you can reuse it for any element within your project. It may look difficult but it’s accessible. It’s not meant to be used only by coders, at all.