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Multi button interactions in one section help

I really like the “free bonuses” section, my issue is how can I replicate this interaction?

I understand that how to make the button interact with the image, but would I have to make every button interact with the other the previous button to make the image disappear and have the new image appear?

Bump because of the spam,

plus I know this site was created with webflow, so if I reconstruct the interactions and the websites construction would that be copyright infringement?

I dont really understand the copyright of websites when it comes to drag and drop site builders…
I mean I can put a section and container with the same interactions then would I be over stepping the deal? What are can and cant do’s?

You can’t copyright a design pattern. As long as you use your own materials, colors etc, it’s inspiration.

What is copyrighted is the content, copy, images, brands, logo, personaes. Not the design principles.

Now there are plenty of cases where people copy so much that they should be ashamed… but they can’t be sued.

This is made with a TAB component and TAB interaction trigger. I’ll let you explore this ay and come back when you’re stuck.

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I was able to explore it and got it all done, the issue is that I dont really know how to have the tabs on the side of the images lol simple I bet but I am stuck.

It’s messy but here you go:

pass the menu and content inline block, inverse order… in short, style the hell out of everything! :wink:

Good work on figuring out the interactions and tab trigger though.

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it worked lol

one issue, why is the current tab blue? totally off point but how do I override that? Im in current status and it has popped up but I dont see what to do to override the blue.

VINCENT! im having another issue with the tabs, issue is that whenever I select ANY other tab the first ones content still shows, doesnt happen with any of the others but its really irritating lol cant figure out what to do.

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