Tablet and Mobile Nav bar going behind slider?

In the mobile and tablet versions the nav keeps going behind my slider, I can’t seem to fix this, any ideas?

I thought I had fixed this but even on the desktop it’s going behind the slider…

Hi @Quantumgo,
Reason of this issues is that you been playing with position options. Remove all settings from there and it will fix your problems


Thanks! I’m still trying to get used to this!

Okay that only works when I don’t put a photo in it.

It’s still not working properly for me. :persevere:

I meant remove SETTINGS, not the whole slider. Did you check the video?

The link was a blank video when I clicked it. I have just a blank slider in there now and it’s still doing it though.

Ok, so follow this steps:

  1. choose the Navbar element, you will see that Position is highlighted with blue color.

  2. click on this word and choose “Remove this style”

  3. same steps to do with slider

Okay I did this, and then I restyled it for the nav scroll, which is what I need to show up when I scroll down. It needs to be fixed to the top and it has an interaction attached to it so it shows when scrolling. BUT it’s still doing it after I restyle it. :persevere:

ahhh i got it!! LOL Thank you for being so patient with me!

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:smiley: Always welcome, glad you figured it out.

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