Why is my nav scroll doing this?!?

Help! Why is the scroll nav that is set to hidden still showing? Doing this in tablet and mobile


When I view it the interaction still makes it pop up when you scroll, how can I make the interaction stop on tablet and mobile?

Hey @Quantumgo, you could always hide the element that is popping up on Tablet -> Mobile queries.

@seank It is set to hide on tablet and still shows.

@Quantumgo Hey Liz, it seems like you fixed it? Let me know if you didn’t

@seank it’s still doing it on my end…

now it’s giving me all this extra space off to the right like photo below

And this is what the menu looks like when i first click it before scrolling at all:

and then when I scroll the stinking all-scroll still pops up even though i have it turned off on tablet and mobile.

This is driving me insane

i figured out the weird space on the right but the nav-scroll still shows and I can’t figure out why.

@Quantumgo, I am not seeing it. It seems to be fine on my end. Can you publish it and send the link so I can look at it on the live version.


I think we are not speaking the same lingo lol. What do you mean by “all - scroll”?

Sorry typo, it’s supposed to say “nav-scroll” if you look at my website with the shared link you will see I have two navs, one normal and one “nav-scroll” :sweat_smile:

I figured it out. Put the Nav-Scroll layer above the Nav-Menu layer. This should fix it.

Please let me know. I see it worked on my end.


Oh gosh, what an easy fix! Lol thank you!

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@Quantumgo - lol hey no problem! if you ever need anything in the future just let me know!

Very nice site BTW!

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@seank Well I do have another question!

Im trying to do this https://preview.webflow.com/preview/expand-collapse-tutorial?preview=ff27712af522de5ab65e018200181cfb

To my menu, so far I only am testing the “appetizer” section but it’s not working properly, any ideas?

I can look into it. I have never done it before on webflow, but hey I always like a challenge. If you need a quick turn around I would ask @PixelGeek - he is the pro.


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