Tab setting won't update after name change to tab buttons labels

Hi I recently made a page with 5 tabs and linked tab panes… in the tab setting I can see that webflow has added an identifier to each tab based on the tab text name [uk] [europe] [asia] etc etc… and in the tab setting the tabs are named uk, europe and asia and I can click between them to select the tabs to work on their content - all good

I spent sometime getting this looking just right and wanted to copy this to another page…

copy and pasted the whole tab element without any problem, renamed the 5 tab buttons to 5 products made by the company… but I am unable to rename the tabs in a way so that this change is reflected in the tab settings.… so despite the fact I have changed the tab text, tried removing, and renaming classes… I cannot get the tab setting to reflect the names on or of the tab buttons…

can I get a steer here?

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OK… I know replying to you own post is a bit lame but I have just solved this

the naming in [ ] is adjusted by clicking on the tab settings item with the edit pencil (next to the trash can to delete a tab… I don’t know why I didn’t see this first time a suffix [uk] for example is generated in webflow and automatically updates on the navigator - problem self solved