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Renaming Tabs Broke the Functionality

Today I went to update tab names in the Tabs Setting panel and it broke the functionality of tabs that have existed and been working on my site for years. Most of the tabs that I renamed worked fine, but a few of them no longer correspond properly to the Tab Content and I can’t figure out how to change it back or change the name of the Tab Content to match the new name. When I went to revert my site to a previous version where I hadn’t changed the tab names, I got the pop-up saying that reverting my site could break integrations and since there are many 3rd-party integrations on my site I didn’t want to risk it.

The functionality of these tabs is super glitchy now and I can’t figure out how to link them all back together. When I try to change the name to what it was previously it says “This name is already taken”, and I can’t change it again to something new.

The tabs I’m looking at specifically are in the Models section of this page. You can see there how they are supposed to work, versus the inconsistency that is seen in the Designer now. Specifically the tabs that are no longer working are Advanced->Combination, and the entire Probe Only tab.

When I changed the names, I was in the middle of updating many links on that page so there were too many ‘undos’ to click or change it back. I’ve changed tab names in the past with little error so I’m not sure what happened here. I tried logging in and out of the designer a few times hoping it had simply glitched, but alas, the problem persists.

Please let me know if there is a way to fix this without redesigning the entire tab structure (which you will see is quite complicated). Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @hjeror , I just checked the page that you’ve linked and compared it to the Designer version. To me the tabs seems to be working well and as intended, can you point out specifically what doesn’t look right?

Hi Denny, thanks for the response!

The published page itself should work fine as I haven’t published the site yet, but the problem is in the Designer tab options. In the models section, in Step 1, if you click on Probe Only, no content comes up (it should have the same 3 additional tab options as the Standard and Advanced tabs). Also, if in Step 1 you click Advanced, then in Step 2 click Combination, the same problem is happening - the content in that tab panel should look almost identical to the content in the Standard->Combination panel.

I can see that the Tab Content exists when I look in the Navigator, but the name says [Tab 3] instead of the new name I changed it to and there are no options to edit that name.

I did just double check to ensure that Webflow hadn’t saved some weird cache of itself but I am having the same problem when I sign in on my personal laptop.

Right, I see the problem now. Let me just have a look around and see if theres a solution

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Excellent, thank you! I will make sure to keep an eye on my email throughout the evening if you have any additional questions.

Hmm not sure if theres a solution for this, others can chime in if there is ideas. I think your best bet is to add a new tab panel (Tab 4) and copy the contents over. As you said Tab 3 doesn’t exist and I dont think its possible to change tab name. I dont think you need to rebuild the whole structure, just for these 2 that are causing problems for you.

That was the conclusion I came to as well but figured I’d ask the forum before putting in all the work since there are so many links.

Thanks again for looking into it for me!

Holding out hope someone else might have a sneaky idea, but if not I’ll start rebuilding it first thing in the morning.

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Yeah I think adding a new Tab 4 is the quickest way. So no need to rebuild the whole tab system.

Wanted to give an update that I added and edited some new tabs and everything is now working! Since the tab content still existed but was just not linked, I deleted the broken tabs, copied my content onto the new Tab Panes then deleted the unlinked tab panes and my problem has been fixed.

Thanks again for looking into this! I will refrain from unnecessarily changing tab names in the future.

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