Two tabs are auto selected, how can I remove that?

Hi all,

I struggle with something probably really easy to solve…

My tab 5 and 6 (even if it number is 5…) are like unseparables. I If I rename it, the tab 5 get renamed in tab 6. If I delete it, it delete also all my collection item. I can’t solve the problem with a combo class and now I don’t have any idea

How can I fix that?

Thx all :slight_smile:

here’s my read only

Hi @ITryMyBest,

I think you copied tab 5 to create tab 6, that’s where the problem comes from. If you create a new tab in the settings panel, you won’t have the problem.

webflow tabs

Let me know if it helped!

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Hi Ramon and thx for your reply,

it work perfectly now!
Sometimes solution are just so simple

Thx again

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