Custom code help with closing tab drop down when clicking tab link

Hi Webflow community! I am fairly new and have a question regarding the code needed to close a tabs dropdown menu when one of the tabs links is clicked. I know currently that the tab widget doesn’t close upon clicking a tab and I am struggling to add the correct code. I am only looking to implement this on both mobile views.

Any help is welcome and thank you in advance!

Below is my shared link:

Hi @ewareham. You’re in my old neighborhood :wave:!

Remove the first tab hide in the second click. Maybe this video helps.


Let me know if this does the trick or not.

Hi @webdev, hello from Detroit! :wave: Thanks for the video, however I am trying to get the drop down menu to hide when a user clicks on one of the tab links (ex: featured or commercial). I know currently webflow doesn’t have that feature in the widget and from what I have been reading it requires some custom code…

Let me know if you have any additional thoughts, but thank you for the video and I will simplify my animation like you showed!