SystemFlow Lite now as a FREE clonable

We’ve just launched a free, LITE version of complete framework, that you can clone and use as an operating system for your Webflow projects. Please check it out here:

Watch me use the system and build a simple website:

And here’s the full showcase for Figma & Webflow for full SystemFlow framework:

Tell us what you think and what we could potentially improve? Thank you

Greg & Matt

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Is the learning curve hard? :o:

@SystemFlow ~ Dug a little deeper and I’m loving this. I’m in. This will save me a good amount of time while teaching me a few things. I’ll give more input as I use the tool. Glad you can upgrade from Basic to Solo Pro. I’m going to build up from free, to basic, to pro to get my feet wet, but looks like a fun playground!

Thank you Greg and Matt! ~ It doesn’t look too difficult. For the most part you take a look at the styles you want to use and refer to those class names. Having those components and templates is great too. Bearly stumbled on this, but I think it’s worth it. Besides having the convenience, I feel it will teach me a few things or two. :sunglasses:

It’s something you can create on your own, but is saves a good amount of time and work.

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