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Sync interactions with scroll

Hi there,

I was wondering if it’s possible to sync the interactions with the scroll.
As far as I know, you can control attributes like opacity and size as an element comes in or out of view.

However, what if I wanted to change the opacity of a text from 0% to 100%, for example, gradually as I scroll down?

Not sure if I was clear enough, so I drew an example of what I meant:

I knew a website with this feature, but it’s down right now.

I’m guessing this is not native in Webflow, but if could give me any help I would greatly appreciate.



What you’re looking for is sometimes called “scroll hijacking”, at least when you use it to make scrolling do unexpected things. Anyway, it’s scroll control, and it’s not there yet in Webflow. We’re a lot to wait for it (: If it comes, it should come with other controls to allow parallax effects… this is only a guess.

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I agree. It would be nice to have.

Webflow —> Feature request ---- I think it’s already been request though.

EDIT: check this post out

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Thank you very much for your kind responses!
Looking forward to seeing this functions natively on Web Flow.