Swiper JS Not working on website

Hi everyone, my Swiper JS is not working on this website: Home Version 2

BUT it works on my cloned site: https://jomans-spectacular-site.webflow.io/

All the code and settings are the same.

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Zolo Australia

This is the read-only link for the working site: Webflow - Joman's Spectacular Site

Instruction I followed:
[1]: The Best Simple Webflow CMS Slider | Webflow Code Snippit

This is from the cloned site. The script is being read properly.

The site that is not working shows this.

Somehow the script is not being read, not sure if your page settings have any code interfering, the GTM code can be removed too.

I just saw that your collection for the slider only have 1 item too, you need more to test the slider functionality accurately.

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Hi jiyong! Thank you so much for this answer. I checked the site custom code and found the problem. was just missing β€œ/”.

It’s working now. Thank you so much for this answer. I appreciate it.

Thanks for pointing this out! It works now.

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