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Swap Image on Hover issue

Hey All,

I just noticed a rather annoying issue. I followed the ‘swap image on hover’ video and everything went perfect. It works like a charm. The problem is that once I have the text there, I can’t style it because the moment my mouse leaves the area, the text hides and no styling gets applied!

Here mouse is in the lower-left square.

Here mouse is hovering over the List Style section.

I suppose you could turn off the interactions but every time just to do an edit would be a pita.

Hello @DragonDon

Here is the way to make editing easier:

  1. Pick div with class “description”
  2. Make its opacity = 100%
  3. edit text
  4. make “description” opacity to 0%

Good luck,

Thanks @sabanna for the tip! I figured there had to be a simple way to do it.

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