Ooops, changed something in this interaction

Seems that somehow I changed a working interaction and for the life of my, am missing what it was that changed.

Here’s the main site:

The idea is that I have a ‘hidden’ logo in the nav bar that only shows up when the slider section is scrolled out of view. At least, that is the theory any ways. Initially I had it on the ‘teaser section’ and everything worked fine. I looked today, and I obviously changed something to make it not work any more. I tried putting the interaction on the slider itself but the logo does not come into view when the slider scrolls out of view.

It does, however, come into view when I select ‘home’…which the second part of the interaction tells that logo to slide out of view because the main logo is already there again.

So, what did I break?

Hello @DragonDon,
Reason of problem is that interaction “Display logo” applied not only to slider, but to sections “news section” and about us section.

Also, for make interaction more smooth, I would recommend

  1. inside the “scroll into view” part change steps: 1- move up, 2- display: none
  2. inside “scroll out of view” separate actions: 1step- display: block, 2step - move down


Thanks @sabanna, that helped out tons.

The only issue left, and I’m guessing it may be related to ‘offset’, is that when I click ‘services’, the logo doesn’t show up but when I go to news, it does.

Yes, add more offset to “out of view” part

Ah! Perfect.

thanks ever so much!

Always welcome :smiley:

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