Svelte + Melt UI Design Extension Starterkit

[Edit: updated repo url]

Hey all, I’ve cobbled together a starter kit for using Svelte, Melt UI & Tailwind for a Designer Extension.

  • The default extension includes a radio button group to change the window size.
  • All of the variables from design guidelines are available in css via Tailwind
main {
  background: theme("colors.background1");

Feel free to use it if it helps you.

Thank you to @steffanwittwer for his React starterkit, this helped me a lot. GitHub - stefanwittwer/webflow-app-template-react: Template for a Webflow App (designer extension) using React and Vite

Please note: I am not an expert developer by any stretch, and I’m just experimenting here, I’ve tried to make everything ‘best-practice’ (with the help of Chat GPT) but I use it with that in mind. Hopefully it might help somebody else.

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Very cool, @pi_ron!

Thanks for sharing!

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