Support for webhook events based on certain item fields updating?

Howdy :wave:, I was wondering if the Webflow Webhooks API supports filtering events based on a defined changed field.

There’s a filters property, but the only example shown is for form_submission webhook events.

My goal is to use the collection_item_changed webhook event and only receive events when the name or slug of an item changes. Any other properties of the item, I would like to be ignored. In other words, I don’t want to receive a request when an item changes and it doesn’t support the filter options I defined.

I don’t think this is functionality supported. I could be wrong, but I couldn’t find this in the docs.
I managed to find this topic, but unfortunately it was a dead-end: Webhook filters

If this isn’t supported, is something that plans to be supported in the future?

Hi @Miguel_Espinoza :wave: welcome!

No, not natively within Webflow.

I don’t believe it’s possible. That link you shared was posted back in 2018, Not sure anythings changed since.

The best way I’ve achieved this is by using Make (Integromat) to do the filtering. It works well, but you must still work within the Webflow API Rate Limit.

The good news is you can filter it on Make’s end without being charged.

Here’s a tutorial of how to set that up:

That tutorial walks through setting this up for only 1 CMS Collection, but you can very easily tweak it to also include specific fields.

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Hey Chris, thanks for your response. Haha I encountered your blog post, small world! I’m working with my own API so I wouldn’t be using Make.

The filter param does exist in the API for Create Webhook - Webflow CMS API Reference

Unfortunately I don’t think it supports the use case I’m looking for.

For the API team or support team if they do respond, I’m curious if this would be possible in the short-term. A new param, we can call it filterFields. This would be passed as the request body as so:

body: {
   "filterFields" ["name", "slug"]

When a field is changed that matches filterFields only then fire a webhook event. The logic already exists for form_submissions, so I would think this would be possible for this use case.

Hopefully a Webflow representative could help with this.

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Hey Miguel, I totally agree with your idea. And definitely hope that webflow dev’s will have something to help us in this area soon. It would be so helpful!

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I created a wishlist request for this: Support for webhook events based on certain item | Webflow Wishlist

Go vote!

Upvoted :+1: i’d also suggest reaching out to customer support and see if they can push it along from their end as well.