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How do webhooks work?

Hi guys…

I’ve created a form_submission webhook on my webflow dashboard, but whenever I edit an item it does not send anything to the specified url which is an endpoint.

how do webhooks work in webflow?. I’m assuming every changes I make it’ll send it to the specified url.

What is the data sent to the specified url?


This should be correct. However, your application MUST be able to receive a POST request with the following data payload found at

  "_id": "578d85cce0c47cd2865f4cf2",
  "triggerType": "form_submission",
  "triggerId": "562ac0395358780a1f5e6fbd",
  "site": "562ac0395358780a1f5e6fbd",
  "filter": { "name": "Email Form" },
  "lastUsed": "2016-09-06T21:12:22.142Z",
  "createdOn": "2016-07-19T01:43:40.585Z"

If you do not do anything with this data, nothing will happen.

Well I’m not receiving that data…only e.g {siteid:“562ac0395358780a1f5e6fbd”,time:“4545878787”}

I can’t see your site settings, I recommend emailing support with this bug report.

Ok…when I make a change on an item it doesn’t send any data…but as soon as I publish the change I receive {siteid:“562ac0395358780a1f5e6fbd”,time:“4545878787”}… Shouldn’t I receive the item id?

The documentation might be outdated. Hopefully a Webflow staff can look into this.

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