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I love Webflow and I´m working hard with it. I´m doing a web for a company and in this case I don´t want to use the Forum, which I normally use a lot. I know you are busy but I can´t go on with this project withouth support. The thing is I´m doing a Show/Hide text interaction. It should be simple but it doesn´t work. I follow the videotutorial step by step but no way. Is the tutorial outdated?

It´s working now… too many hours for this effect. I tried on another page and realized that when I set the div to height=0, still showing the div because of the padding…?!. Setting the padding to 0 everything ok. The solution: another div inside the hidden div with the padding. Crazy.

  1. For the support, consider getting a Pro plan, which will get you priority support by email.

  2. Not-crazy-at-all. Doing any different WOULD BE crazy. Webflow respects every bit of HTML and CSS conventions. What you call crazy is called the box-model and yes, padding aren’t a part of the dimensions (thankfully!). Adding a div in a div is common practice in HTML/CSS templating. It’s called nesting, and makes your life much easier, giving you the possibility to break down attribute for each level, making them possible an easier to factorise (reuse on other elements).

So everything is fine with the way you end up doing this interaction. It’s Webflow-correct and HTML/CSS-correct. Rejoice! (:

Hi Vincent,

Many thanks for clearing it. It´s good to know that everything works right inside Webflow.
On the other hand this it´s not explained in the videotutorial and I think should be updated or explained.

This is the web nearly finished. I hope you like.


Yes, very good indeed. As much as you progress on CSS, you progress in Webflow. The opposite is also kind of true, as WF respects the logic a lot.

Your site if very sleek, refined, good job.

Thanks Vincent,

Can I ask you a last thing? I put a cross image to close the Contact Form. Everything is fine but if I close with this button and I want to open it again with the contact navbar link the first click doesn´t work. I have to do it twice.

Is any way to avoid it?

maybe because the interaction click trigger has 2 clicks? Try to add the same action to the second click maybe… I’ve never experienced this though.

This is what I thought but I don´t now if there is a way to take the second click out. It doesn´t work doubling the first click.

I checked and witness the issue, I thought it was on the X but it’s on the navbar link as you said. So there is no bug actually, because you have set a second click on this navbar item, to close the menu. So this item is always going to wait for this second click

You’ll have to think it differently.

Totally right… the first click open the form which is already opened.

You mean “the second click tries to close the form but it’s already closed”.

There are many other ways to think this, but one possible solution is realizing that maybe you should move the X closer to the top (top right in the container zone) so you don’t need to have an open/close behavior on the dropdown menu by pressing the menu item.