Load times slower than my **** on mobile PLEASE HELP

Hey guys, new to webflow but I recently used a template to host a web design portfolio.
I used the template called edwin and while it looks great on desktop, it loads incredibly slow on mobile. Almost to the point where it is unusable. All the CMS on the site loads incredibly slow and even stutters so much it causes the page to auto reload on my iphone!

Here is the live site: https://ecomjai.com
Read only site: Webflow - ecomjai

At first I thought it was due to the unused animations/unused css and even after clearing all it still loads incredibly slow. I even went through and deleted every animation I could find yet load times did not improve. Works great on desktop but majority traffic these days comes from mobile and its killing me that it wont load fast. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

Hi inzino_designs! Would love to try and help you out with this.

When using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, your website’s mobile version scores quite high.

I’m not convinced this is a performance issue because the site does initially load quite fast, and if I inspect the code while I scroll through the page, no content is actually being loaded – it’s all there, just not being displayed until I scroll through. I’m curious if you have any custom code attached to your project at all, and if that could be causing an issue. I didn’t see any on the page settings, but can not check project settings on a read-only.

I’m going to also recommend you open a support ticket with Webflow here because this might end up being something more advanced than what we can troubleshoot here.

Hey, I don’t have any custom code installed and the trouble of content not being displayed and freezing is very annoying to me :frowning: the site is almost unusable on mobile. Is there any way you could take a look at the project if I give you access? Really appreciate the response.

I honestly don’t even know what I would be looking for here. I’ve never seen this before. I’ll spend some more time with the read-only for now and see if I can come up with anything, but definitely recommend putting in a support ticket in the meantime.

Appreciate it my man. I’m not sure whats going on either.

Ive noticed its a problem on the original template page as well only on mobile -

maybe that’ll help you narrow it down by any chance. It just really sucks spending time on designing the site and have it not be useable on mobile :frowning:

That is super helpful, thanks. Will get back to you.

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Hey, sorry for the delay. Still looking through it, but I did notice that you have disabled the responsive images feature, and the images in your CMS collection are HUGE. I’d be surprised if this is the cause, but it’s definitely where I would start. If you want to just check quickly, try adding your collection list wrapper to a symbol so you can easily put it back, and just delete the whole block and see if the issue persists.


I know I’m in and out here, so my apologies for that, but make sure to check your background image as well. Let me know what you find!

Didnt seem to fix it either :frowning: im totally lost at what to do haha even webflow support couldnt figure it out