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Huge problem with site not loading on (certain) mobile devices

Okay, so im redesigning a page of my site and its going well OTHER than the fact the page itself (any other page loads perfectly fine) does not load!

I do not have a clue what the problem is, any help would be great!

  • I have removed all custom code and its presists
  • The webpage loads on chrome responsiveness mode, also it has loaded on a iPhone 11, However has not loaded on 2x iPhones 8’s

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Hi @SaintFG
I done a quick test at Pingdom, see screenshot:

That page is really heavy and thus i can imagine that mobiles have some difficulty with loading that.
I’d try to make it more lightweight and see from there

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@new_work_city Damn… Did think about that…
The site’s images are all compressed, would it just be due to the vast amount of animations?

The first image i looked at, is a 358 kb .png file @ 702 x 1072 px. It’s used on the page at 166 x 254 pixels.
I advise to down sample all images to their used dimensions on the canvas, and then use a compression tool (I use ImageAlpha and ImageOptim)* to further optimize the files.

I ended up with a 64 kb image instead of the 358 kb mentioned here above.

Good luck

* Both for macOS only. Not my company or affiliated.

Okay, after further compression I have got the site size down from 12.6MB to 7.7MB (still quite large, working on it still) but the site is still not working on mobile.

I have picked up on mobile it does keep refreshing the page as if it is having multiple attempts or some form of redirect to access the page.

I have myself been doing speedtests via pingdom tools and I was curious if you have any knowledge about the following:

Thank you for your consistent support